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Emergency Financial Assistance

Solutions Center


Solutions Center received $1250 for emergency financial assistance which focuses on enhancing the physical and emotional safety of women and girls in our community by closing the gap between surviving and thriving through one-time financial assistance. Through this financial assistance, we have the opportunity to help girls and women meet their goals and full potential by removing financial barriers to safety and stability for women affected by domestic violence; and connect homeless women to employment and housing resources.


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Funding Priority Area(s)
All Grants Received
2021 Solutions Center Shelter & Support Services Inc. Emergency Financial Assistance 2023 Emergency Financial Assistance 2019 “Empowering Women and Girls: Emergency Assistance” program 2018 Empowering Women and Girls: Emergency Assistance 2017 “Empowering Women and Girls: Emergency Assistance” program 2015 (NEW) “Life after Abuse and Trauma” program 2016 Emergency Financial Assistance + Life after Abuse & Trauma