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Moraine Park Technical College: Student Emergency Fund

Moraine Park Technical College


The FDL Area Women’s Fund Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to FDL County women enrolled at MPTC who are at risk of dropping out due to unforeseen financial emergencies. The fund provides grants for assistance with car repairs, rent, utility bills, dependent care, or other types of financial assistance. The goal of the project will prevent MPTC FDL County female students from leaving college because of an unexpected financial emergency. A max of $250/semester will be awarded per student and approximately fifteen female students are expected to benefit from this grant. Students applying for funds must be enrolled in a program, enrolled in at least six credits, have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and provide evidence of the financial hardship. The primary success indicator will be defined as a 90% semester to semester retention/transfer/graduation rate of Emergency Fund recipients. Furthermore, students may be required to meet with a college counselor to become connected with community resources for additional/ongoing support.

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