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Youth & Young Adult Prevention Education



ASTOP provides prevention education to schools and colleges throughout Fond du Lac County.

For older audiences, ASTOP’s Prevention Educator discusses ways for individuals or bystanders to intervene by showing a video that illustrates four different intervention tactics in a party setting. Participants then discuss whether the tactics are realistic and if there are other ways to intervene. The Prevention Educator also discusses ways to intervene in other settings where a friend or stranger might encounter behaviors such as catcalling. ASTOP’s Prevention Educator empowers students by informing them that they can make a difference and that it only takes one person to make a difference. This curriculum and conversation is appropriate for high school and college-aged individuals.

Grant dollars will be provided to assist ASTOP in continuing this work through mileage and materials necessary for these training/presentations. Target audience are K-12 and college age youth.

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