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“SMART Girls” program

Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac


Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac received $2,000 for the “SMART Girls” program.

The goals of the program include developing positive attitudes, building effective life skills and feeling empowered to become responsible adult women through health, prevention, education and self-esteem enhancement activities. The program consists of two main components.

  1. Love Yourself explores issues like body image, physical growth, healthy coping skills, eating disorders and other issues related to physical well-being as a teenage girl.  
  2. Love & Be Loved explores the importance of healthy relationships including friendships, dating, communication skills, healthy boundaries and safety.

It is expected that 50 different girls will participate regularly in the program through 2018.  Strong collaborative partnerships and female teen leaders ages 13-18 assist with the leadership of the program curriculum.

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