Resources for Anti-racist & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Education

In our work and support for equity and the DIGNITY OF ALL, we’ve engaged and requested our staff, board members, and volunteers personally commit time and resources to education and better understanding.

Additional community collaborations are underway, with expanded efforts to come. However, we’re starting with this individual component first in order to build a stronger, sustainable foundation. It was shared that the most important part of anti-racism work is not always visible. The internal reflection and changes happen slowly. This is essential work that must be completed. And the collective progress will be worth it in the end.

Please join us in making a commitment to explore, read, watch, listen, share and spread the word of the fantastic local, regional, and national/global resources for greater personal understanding, compassion and ACTION.


This is an extensive list that has circled the internet, social networks and beyond. It shares amazing resources for parents as well as articles, videos, podcasts, books, films/TV shows, organizations to follow and more. Definitely bookmark worthy!

The Humanity Project: Telling the Untold Story seeks to educate our community about the untold history of racism in our country and the effect on people and current events, and calls us to open hearts and minds to work for racial equity and justic

Community Invitation shared in August 2020

The aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, and the recent shooting of Jacob Blake, have many concerned citizens asking, “What can we do about racial injustice?”  We believe the answer lies in first understanding the history of racism.  In his speech for the opening of the African American Museum in Washington DC in September 2016, George W. Bush said, “A great nation does not hide its history, it faces its flaws and corrects them.”  Indeed none of us are responsible for the history of our ancestors, but we are responsible to understand it and its effects on our current realities and the people and systems who have benefitted from it. We are responsible for the history we create for our future generations.

For this reason, we have created The Humanity Project: Telling the Untold Story.  The Humanity Project is an interactive and educational project consisting of once monthly virtual programs that tell the untold history of Black and Brown Americans: those left out of our school textbooks. We will examine this history, and our current realities, through videos, presentations, movie/documentary clips, readings, and personal storytelling.

Your leadership is important in our community.  Please join us in deepening our connections to each other.  This is a free program.  We are only asking that you commit to ALL eight (8) once-monthly virtual sessions, October through May.  We will meet for one hour the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm (with a possible adjustment in November), but we are also exploring a daytime option on these same days.  Please indicate your preference when you register your participation by using this form:

Please respond to this email with your questions or concerns.  You are welcome, and encouraged, to share this information and invite others from your organizations and social circles to our program.  Each participant is asked to register and to REGISTER NOW! It is going to take all of us!
(Register by Sept 30!)

With Respect for All Humanity,
Daisy Frazier, President of Ebony Vision  and Tracy Abler, President of United for Diversity

Our Amazing Planning Committee: Lisette Aldrich, Antonio Godfrey Sr., Judy Goldsmith, Assistant Chief Aaron Goldstein , Alicia Hans, Paisley Harris,  Mary B Hayes, Jon Hetzel, Audrey Linn, Christina Lopez, Kristel Lougher, Hiram Rabadan, Scott Rodman, Laurice Snyder, Tiffany Sponholz, Monica Walk, Tammy Witt, and Ger Xiong

21-day Racial Equity Challenge

For 21 days, do one action to further your understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity. The idea is we build up a habit of watching for these issues and take action 365 days a year then going forward.

This page features an AMAZING list of resources and a supportive tracking chart for your personal use.

Learn more by watching the launch video on Facebook here >

Rachel Cargle 

A wonderful teaching resource recommended by Brene Brown and Glennon Doyle; Here is a public address on education needed:

Her curriculum is all posted here where you can join/support her work for $5 per month.

October 19, 2020 – INCLUDE: Rethink Diversity in the Workplace

Sophia Transformative Leadership Partners has partnered with Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute to bring you a virtual conference experience. You can expect meaningful interaction, personal learning, and sustainable change after the conference. It is meant for employees and leaders at all levels within organizations and across communities.
Relationships between people are at the core of inclusive, productive work environments, regardless of the demographic make-up of your people. It’s in relationships where trust, understanding and empathy thrive. You will explore a different approach to inclusion that goes beyond awareness to impact.

Register here.

Conversations on Race: Virtual 6- part Series through YWCA Southeast Wisconsin

  • September 23: racial implicit bias
  • September 30: history/roots of racism
  • October 7: manifestations of racism
  • October 14: on whiteness
  • October 21: addressing race and racism daily
  • October 28: wrap up

What resources would you add to this list?

Send us your suggestions and we’ll get them added!

Posted on June 16, 2020


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