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(New) “Getting Ahead” program

St. Vincent de Paul


St. Vincent de Paul received $5,000 for an 18-week educational program, called “Getting Ahead“, that assists adults to move beyond the “Just Getting By World” of poverty. The program enables participants to successfully gain critical knowledge, improve self-esteem, and build a resource network for a better financial future.

With the guidance of trained facilitators and mentors, participants learn to understand the root causes and implications of poverty. The curriculum is based on the research of the hidden rules of poverty by Dr. Ruby Payne and application for systemic change by Philip DeVol.

Participants will be provided the necessary tools and support in order to develop and foster sustainable changes to improve their financial situation.  In their first session, eight of the nine participants were women; and seven were single moms. Two programs will be offered in 2018, with the goal of serving 8-12 participants and 10-20 children as part of the family change process.

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