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“Life after Abuse & Trauma” program ongoing support

SSM Health Domestic Violence Services


“Life after Abuse & Trauma” is a holistic psychoeducation and therapy group for women (who have experienced domestic violence) to learn and process how trauma impacts their daily life and relationships; and learn coping and communication skills to recover from traumatic experiences.

This holistic approach includes sessions of equine therapy (horse therapy) that help participants process components of their trauma experience in an experiential way. Clients are able to participate in 6 sessions of  equine therapy as part of the 22 week full program. These sessions of equine therapy have been very successful thus far for the first three cohorts of participants. Participants indicate that this experiential part of the program is often the most moving and insightful.

Women (18+) are the target population for this intervention. All are victims of domestic violence and will range in age, race, and ethnicity. While some women who attend our groups are not financially disadvantaged, a majority of clientele are of low socioeconomic status. Groups can be up to 8 participants.  14 women participated in 2017.

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2018 “Life after Abuse & Trauma” program ongoing support