2023 Green Dot SHEro Spotlight Anne Lemke

Our next Green Dot SHEro Anne Lemke has been a staunch advocate of Green Dot, ensuring that dozens of her now former colleagues and students at Moraine Park Technical College have received the training. (She retired in January!) She had networked to get information within MPTC regarding Green Dot (Project Table Talk tables, bathroom signage, various displays for April and October as awareness months). Anne ensured Green Dot and FDL Says No More was never a “best-kept secret” at MPTC. Here’s what Anne had to say in her own words about “why” she was inspired:

2023 SHEro Spotlight Anne Lemke

“About a decade ago, I was inspired by a close friend to volunteer for the mission of the FDL Area Women’s Fund – facilitating bold change for Fond du Lac Area women and girls. Since that time, I have been involved in the Women’s Fund Grants Committee, Development Committee and Board of Directors, all while working at Moraine Park Technical College.

“In the fall of 2018, our Women’s Fund launched a major initiative: Fond du Lac Says No More – a communitywide partnership effort to help stop domestic violence and sexual assault against women and girls.

“I will never forget the kickoff event for our new project when FDL police officers shared with the standing-room-only crowd, scary, sobering statistics of the violence happening daily in our own community. At the end of that presentation, all the

lights went off in the room, while everyone held up a little flashlight and shouted, ‘No more! No more! No more!’ It was very moving and powerful!

“Since that time, I worked to engage MPTC students and staff in FDL Says No More. MPTC has hosted numerous Green Dot trainings for students and staff each fall and spring semester.

“In the interactive workshops, each participant learns 3 D’s – Direct. Distract. Delegate. No matter your background and personality type, one of these tools will work to help you end violence in our community.

“MPTC students and staff regularly join in community service/volunteer roles and student internships for the Women’s Fund and FDL Says No More; dedicating time and talent toward these important efforts.

“MPTC supports and attends the Women’s Fund Power of the Purse fundraising event on an annual basis.

“Women’s Fund grants support MPTC student emergency funds each year, helping hundreds of FDL area women stay in school, complete their college degree and gain employment in our community.

“I am forever blessed and proud to be a part of this crucial community work. Together, we are making a difference in so many lives!

“My motto, which aligns with Green Dot, continues to be, ‘No one has to do everything if we all do something.’

“I hope you too are inspired to attend a Green Dot Training yourself, bring the Green Dot training to your school or business, share what you learn with your family, friends

and co-workers, and volunteer for these vital FDL community goals.”

Posted on April 25, 2023


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