2023 SHEro Kris Tagliapietra, RN

Kris Tagliapietra, RN, is personally responsible for facilitating Green Dot trainings for more people in Fond du Lac County than any other facilitator. She was part of the initial group of individuals trained and then took that knowledge and immediately implemented it in her role as a nurse trainer at St. Agnes Hospital. In that first year in 2019, Kris was able to train nearly 700 nurses and staff at St. Agnes, incorporating it into the one-hour Green Dot training into the curriculum of required nurse training because she believed in how it would make a difference. We are so grateful for Kris’ commitment in that first year, putting her own learning into action to impact so many others! Here’s what she shared with us regarding her “why” in her own words for being so inspired by Green Dot.

2023 SHEro Kris Tagliapietra, RN

“There will be lots of honesty in this blog.

“First, I must say I am honored to be recognized as a SHEro.

Here is the first honesty: This award announcement came in my email, and I get flooded with email and almost deleted without even looking at it. I thought it was ‘junk’ and certainly must not pertain to me. I am so glad I took the time to read it, and then read it again.

“When I saw it was related to the Green Dot, it stirred up some positive emotion. It has been years since I have done any training, but it did force me to think back on the training I received, the materials, the trainings I did, and most importantly, the message: EVERYONE can do SOMETHING!

“Honesty No. 2: I was asked to attend the four-day training back when I worked in staff development at Agnesian HealthCare where my primary role was a staff educator for things such as new nurse orientation, Certified Nursing class educator, Youth Apprentice coordinator, and various other trainings for hospital staff. I WAS BUSY!

“I was asked (told… LOL) by my director Peggy McArdle to consider this training opportunity. Because of my background and passion for mental health, Peggy thought I would be a good fit for this training.

“Honestly, I was not happy. My thoughts at the time were: ‘I don’t have time for this,’ ‘I have no idea what a Green Dot is,’ and ‘When the heck am I ever going to use this?’

“When the time came for the training, I was initially still pretty stressed and a little grumpy about being out of the office for four days, but that quickly changed.

“I would tell anyone that the Green Dot training I was lucky enough to receive was one of THE BEST trainings/experiences I have ever had. TRUTH! Everything was so well done from the word go! Educational, FUN, engaging, energizing, relevant, practical… and did I mention FUN?

“So, shame on me and THANK YOU Peggy McArdle!

“I couldn’t wait to get back to the office and share what I had learned with coworkers. But I also shared with family. I shared with friends and immediately started to think about ways I could incorporate this training into something more formal.

“Well, as luck would have it, our department was planning our annual Nurse Education Days for the clinic and hospital. It is a one-day training that all nurses had to attend, and it is a jam-packed day of various topics (some mandatory and kind of boring but needed to be done). I asked if we could incorporate Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training into this day and it got approved. I was thrilled and was able to get plenty of support and help from my education team to help with the trainings.

“Fast forward… we did the training as part of the Nurse Education Day. It was very well-received by most everybody. The best part was the opportunity to provide the education, practical tools of the 3 Ds (Direct, Delegate, Distract) and culture shift that EVERYONE can do SOMETHING!

“I continue to be very passionate about the message of Green Dot and even more grateful for the opportunity to share the information.”

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Posted on April 19, 2023


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